Spotlight Education Week

PBS and CPB's American Graduate Inititaive have collaborated to bring you "Spotlight Education", a special week of primetime programming focusing on the brightest ideas and toughest challenges facing America's education system.

"Spotlight Education" begins Monday, September 12, and features reports from today's classrooms, examining how creativitiy and dedication to teaching all children, even the most challenging or at-risk students, is making a real difference in communities. With specials from POV, Frontline, Ted Talks, NOVA, ITVS, and WNET, this special week of primetime programs underscores public media's dedication to learning and the critical importance of convening a dialogue around education. 

Spotlight Education Week Programming Schedule


Monday, September 12

10:00 PM - All The Difference

The Largely invisible and often crushing strugles of young African-American men come vividly, and heroicaly, to life in this program which traces the paths of two teens from the South Side of Chicago who dream of graduating from college through five years of hard work, sacrifice, setbacks and uncertainty.

Tuesday, September 13

10:00 PM - TED Talks: Education Revoluntion

In this program, which addresses everything from "over-parenting" to counteracting the school-to-prision pipeline, speakers explore the classroom of the future and hwo education is changing to adapt to our new digital world.

Wednesday, September 14

9:00 PM - NOVA: School of the Future

This two-hour episode takes viewers on a journey from the laboratory to the classroom; from where the latest advances in learning science are being uncovered to where these new ideas are being put into practice.

Thursday, September 15

8:00 PM - Craft in America: Teachers

This episode includes artists committed to passing on thier skills and passion for craft to a new generation.

9:00 PM - Time for School

This update of the award-winning documentary follows the lives of five children in countries where poverty, chid labor, early marriage, and the chaos of war prevent legions of young people from getting an education.

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