Global Learning Connections - What Does it Mean for Our Children and Teachers?

Posted by Sheila Corbin on

Global learning connections are a vital part of our students’ learning and of our teachers’ teaching in the 21st Century. In order to experience our planet through a real-world point of view, it is my belief that we can no longer only teach about other countries’ history, culture, and tradition through textbooks, pictures, and maps.

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Creating Connections through Global Learning

Posted by Ian Corbin on

It has been proved time and time again that learning in new environments can reinvigorate the way things are learned. As a student, learning across the sea can be a different experience. You are introduced to new learning connections that wouldn't be available otherwise. These come in the form of learning different things in new ways, and being introduced to new things in a brand new environment.

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Community College Offers Pathways to the American Dream

Posted by Dr. Kathy Lee on

The American Dream holds different and very personal meanings for each of us, and the paths we take to achieve it are just as unique. For many, that path begins with community college. The flexibility and accessibility of community college—coupled with inherently close relationships with local business, can offer a powerful launching point for many as they set off to find their own American Dream.

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Arts Education

Posted by Coleen Szulc on

When we want to know something nowadays, we turn to our smartphones or computers and “Google it”. This vortex of immediacy envelops our culture, fostering in us a crippling desire to get things fast. Coleen Szulc unpacks how this attitude has seeped into the classroom and explores one possible remedy—ballet and the discipline of committed practice.

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My First Time at the Riley Children's Hospital Teen Leadership Council

Last Updated by Caroline Loomis on

Caroline did something she never in a million years thought she'd be doing on a Tuesday night as a high schooler. She spent her night at Riley Children’s Hospital. This isn't such a rare event for her particularly, but this night, it was. She attended her first meeting for the TLC, the Riley Children's Hospital Teen Leadership Council.

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No Kid Should Ever Feel Alone: Living with Cystic Fibrosis

Last Updated by Taylor Mattern on

You know those inspirational stories about teens and kids fighting horrible diseases, but they never let their health or challenges get in the way of living a happy and full life? And you sit back and think, wow, I can’t imagine what they’re going through. It must be so hard. I think that, too. Then I remember, I am one of those kids.

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Why Afterschool Matters

Last Updated by The Indiana Afterschool Network on

According to Afterschool Alliance, up to 30 percent of Indiana’s school-age children, including kindergarteners, are left unsupervised in the afternoons. These are peak hours for juvenile crime and experimentation with drugs, alcohol, and sex. After school and out of school programs serve an important role in communities: keeping kid’s safe, inspiring learning, and helping working families.

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Placing a Value on Education

Last Updated by Dennis Bland on

Why has the high school dropout rate been such a persistent problem? Why do 1.3 mill students drop out of high school annually? Why are there so many high school dropouts, especially in African American and minority communities, even as education opportunities abound? Dennis Bland of Center for Leadership Development believes both the cause, and the solution can be summed up in one word—values.

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High School: The Diploma that Matters

Last Updated by Kevin Leineweber on

Most academic programs in the United States push toward standardization and make high school a place where students develop pre-college skills. While this works for some students, it definitely does not work for all. High school should be a place where teenagers can become individuals and to develop basic skill sets and to find an internal drive to persevere.

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How Family and Community Engagement Strengthens Young Lives

Posted by Jim Grimm on

Maycdon “Mike” Sprowl means it when he says parent and community engagement was the key to getting him where he is today. Jim Grim discusses the impact family and community engagement had on one student, and explains the various opportunities and scholarships the Indianapolis community and IUPUI provide for disenfranchised, ambitious students.

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The Importance of Mentoring Design and Construction Students

Last Updated by Kay Townsend on

The ACE Mentor Program of America is among the fastest growing mentor programs in Indiana, its mission being “to engage, excite and enlighten high school students to pursue careers in architecture, engineering, and construction through mentoring and to support their continued advancement in the industry.” This cause has hit home with many Hoosier high schoolers.

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Nurturing Curiosity through Global Learning

Last Updated by Anne Hudson on

I was raised in a small, northwest Indiana farming town where everyone was a lot like everyone else. My dad believed that a great education included a curious engagement with new ideas, foods, experiences, and cultures. I've nurtured curiosity in my own child and our foreign exchange student, Aki.

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Encouragement and Tangible Support Affects Mothers, Children, Families

Posted by Sarah Pennal on

Nurse Family Partnership is a nationally recognized, evidence-based program proven to reduce behavioral and intellectual problems in children and increase economic self-sufficiency for families. In Indiana, NFP is implemented by Goodwill Industries of Central Indiana Inc., which supports and complements NFP with its programs aimed at increasing education and employment.

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Girls Inc. of Greater Indianapolis: Empowering All Girls

Posted by Jourdann Borski on

Girls Inc. of Greater Indianapolis is proud to deliver hands-on programs that empower girls to be confident in their own skin, prepared for their futures, proud of who they are, and ready to take their place in the world. Girls Inc. has been serving girls in the Indianapolis community since 1969.

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The Celiac Saga

Posted by Valerie Kraft on

Most kids aren’t pen pals with their doctors. Most kids don’t wish for a diagnosis when blowing out the candles on their birthday cake, and most kids probably aren’t “mutuals” on Instagram with their local hospital registration workers. But growing up with undiagnosed Celiac Disease, I quickly found that I was not “most kids.”

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