Digital Learning Day

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Mark your calendars! The 2015 Digital Learning Day is coming up soon – Friday, March 13, to be exact. Why is digital learning important? And how can digital technology be used to enhance learning? Keep reading to find out more.

What is Digital Learning?

In today's technological world, students are learning differently than ever before – through using devices, educational software, mobile apps, and more. Digital learning includes any instructional practice that incorporates technology to enhance a student's learning experience, and encompasses many different facets, tools, and applications to support and empower teachers and students. Digital learning may also be used for professional learning opportunities for teachers and to provide personalized learning experiences for students.

Why celebrate Digital Learning Day?

Started in 2012, this grassroots effort blossomed into a massive nationwide celebration. Digital Learning Day promotes the effective use of modern technology to improve the learning experience in K-12 public schools. In classrooms and out-of-school programs across the country, educators are doing some pretty amazing things with technology. Digital Learning Day was started as a way to actively spread innovative practices and ensure that all youth have access to high-quality digital learning opportunities no matter where they live.

Where can I find more information about Digital Learning Resources?

PBS LearningMedia is a FREE online library of digital content that may be used in the classroom. Celebrate Digital Learing Day by exploring the more than 100,000 resources for grades K-12 that PBS LearingMedia has to offer!

Additionally, California PBS station KQED has assembled a collection of short professional development videos that help you learn the basics for how to use free online tools for teaching and learning. These tools can be incorporated into the classroom to convey information visually, make persuasive arguments and allow for a variety of collaborative opportunities. You’ll even learn how to make animated GIFs, funny memes about issues that matter, and how to save streaming videos for offline use! 


How do you plan to celebrate Digital Learning Day? How do you see digital learning being integrated into classroom learning? Do you know someone who is going above and beyond to use technology in the classroom? Consider nominating them as an American Graduate Champion! Share your thoughts on social media using #AmGradIndy and #DLDay.

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