American Graduate Champion: Donna Gambrell

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Congrats to Donna Gambrell on being recognized as an American Gradaute Champion!

Donna Gambrell is the former Director of the Treasury Department Community Development Financial Institution Fund and was at the FDIC before that. She is a longtime advocate for consumer financial education.

Currently, Donna is a volunteer for an organization in Washington, D.C. called SisterMentors. SisterMentors helps to combat the high dropout rate among young people of color. The organization focuses specifically on girls and young women of color from economically disadvantaged households. SisterMentor’s mission is to make a long-term commitment to the girls, starting in elementary and middle school and then through high school and college graduation. With one-on-one mentoring, workshops, and college visits, the girls learn how to succeed in high school and college and in life. I’m so impressed by the young women I’ve met.

Donna says she applauds the Corporation for Public Broadcasting’s initiative to shine a ligh on a cricital problem facing the country: the 1.3 million youth who drop out of high school each year. “American Graduate: Let’s Make it Happen” not only raises awareness about the issues, but also works with local organizations to give at-risk students the support and resources they need to be successful. This initiative underscores the importance of a community coming together to work on real solutions to address tough problems. How exciting to see two initiatives that have a common goal: to help young people succeed in spite of the barriers that may be in front of them.

Thanks, Donna, for all you do to support student outcomes!


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