St. Richard's Jade Thomas to Attend Presidential Debate

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Thirteen-year-old Jade Thomas, an 8th grader from Indianapolis’ St. Richard’s Episcopal School, was one of two national winners of PBS Education’s ’50 for 50’ contest. Contestants wrote open letters with ideas on how to improve the effectiveness of government. As her prize, Jade will attend the final Presidential debate in Las Vegas, Nevada on Wednesday, October 19th.

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Supporting Our Girls Through Building Courage, Confidence, and Character

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Girl Scouting has for more than 100 years been dedicated to expanding the horizons for girls. Allowing girls to meet their full potential has been our organization’s mission since we were founded. It concerns us that in recent State of Girls in Indiana research, we see that our work is needed now more than ever.

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Supporting Our Immigrant Children

Posted by Michelle Smith on

The Burmese Community Center for Education (BCCE) is a grassroots organization that provides culturally appropriate and human rights-based assistance to former refugees from Burma through its different programs and projects. The BCCE works to strengthen and empower these newly resettled immigrants to become informed, independent, and contributing members of society in their new country

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Indiana Kids' Election

Posted by Carol M. Adinamis on

On Nov. 8, students across Indiana will elect their own governor, president and senator in a show of active citizenship through Indiana Kids’ Election (IKE), an award-winning mock election program.

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Arts in Education and Student Engagement

Posted by JoEllen Florio Rossebo on

Concerned citizens constantly offer up various solutions of how to lower the high school dropout rate. If the goal is student success, though, we must pinpoint how to make learning meaningful and motivating. Find out how Arts for Learning adds meaning to learning in our community.

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The Vision of Indy Pulse: Youth Leaders and Citizens

Posted by Lauren Hall on

Like every person in our city, Indy Pulse poets are, well, just trying to figure it out. What “it” is depends on the day, sometimes the hour. High school is tough. We all remember the pressures: the tests and looming-yet-undetermined future, plus the absurd paradox of wanting to stand out, yet hoping-to-goodness we “fit in.”

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Strong Support Systems

Posted by Justin Kidder on

Support systems can help with everyday student guidance as well as crises situations. No matter the situation, support systems can be a key factor in preventing high school dropouts.

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College and Career Ready: What it Means from a Building Trade Perspective

Posted by Pete Rimsans on

In the construction industry, we often find high school students who are "career ready" upon graduation are steered toward college. High schools have a duty to show students that there are career paths that do not go through the traditional four-year college model. They must demonstrate the value in apprenticeships and again focus on vocational training.

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How Can Families Support College and Career Success?

Posted by Jackie Garvey on

Thanks to the collaboration of the early childhood community, K-12 schools, universities, foundations, nonprofits, media, and businesses, Indiana is beginning to move the needle on providing information to families in ways that are responsive to the diverse needs of our Hoosier families. There is still plenty of work to do in getting the right information to all families.

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Supporting College Students

Posted by Cheri Bush on

Ivy Tech Community College offers many supports for students as they navigate the transition from high school to college and into the "real world." Cheri Bush, Director of the Bowen and Nina Scholars, describes success stories of students with whom she has worked and addresses the challenges, quirks, and the importance of working with students from disenfranchised backgrounds.

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Bullies are Back to School: Kindness classes aim to prevent bullying in Indiana schools

Posted by Tonja Eagan on

In 2013-14, more than 9,000 bullying incidents were reported by schools in Indiana to the Department of Education. The Centers for Disease Control lists Indiana as the third worst state for bullying. Professional educators from Social Health Association of Indiana work in schools to prevent bullying. And it begins with kindness.

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Can Communities of Faith Make a Difference?

Posted by Dr. Jeffry Woods on

Take a moment and imagine an America where all God’s children receive an amazing education. Every child, regardless of what zip code they live in, how much money their parents make or the color of their skin, would have equal access to quality schools ranging from pre-k through 12th grade.

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How Community Centers Support Our Youth

Posted by Niki Lynn Girls on

All across Indianapolis, families are choosing where to send their children to school: the specialized magnet program, the community school closest to home, or the charter school with a college readiness bent. More choices mean new conversations about how extra-curricular offerings, lengthened school days, and summer school programs benefit the 21st century student.

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Internships and Personal Development

Posted by Caroline Bechtel on

Wellesley College student, and WFYI Intern, Caroline Bechtel discusses the importance of hands-on learning outside of the classroom. She believes in today's world internships are a necessary complement of a college degree, and she attributes much of her own self-discovery to her work experiences.

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How did I spend my summer vacation? Changing the world and myself!

Posted by John Brandon on

Summer jobs don’t only make a quick buck to spend at the soda machine; they also develop important skills in youth that will serve them well in the future careers. Learn how the Marion County Commission On Youth promotes this cause.

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