Connecting Students to the World Through Reading

Posted by Josie McKay on

Reading a good book aloud to my students is one of my favorite parts of teaching. Part of the reason I wanted to become a teacher was that I wanted to instill the love I have for reading into my students. How does a teacher do that? How does a teacher inspire students to love reading, especially those who struggle? How can a paper-bound book compete with interactive screens?

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CIDA Health Advocacy Summit: A daylong event, for high school age students with chronic health conditions

Last Updated by Sneha Dave on

About 31% of adolescents suffer from at least one or more chronic health conditions ( But if you try to find any events that aim to support teenagers with chronic illnesses, you might notice that very few websites pop up. The Chronic Illness and Disability Advocacy Foundation (CIDA aims to change that by giving teenagers the support and skills they need.

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Innovation in the Classroom: Mystery Skype

Last Updated by Josie McKay on

Technology is at the forefront of our students’ interests and we, as teachers, need to embrace it rather than try to teach around it. We need to use it to our advantage, show them how it can open their eyes to endless possibilities, and begin connecting them globally with other students. How can we do this while still teaching the basics and necessary standards? The answer: Mystery Skype.

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The Importance of Mentoring Design and Construction Students

Last Updated by Kay Townsend on

The ACE Mentor Program of America is among the fastest growing mentor programs in Indiana, its mission being “to engage, excite and enlighten high school students to pursue careers in architecture, engineering, and construction through mentoring and to support their continued advancement in the industry.” This cause has hit home with many Hoosier high schoolers.

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Global Learning Connections – What does it mean for our children?

Posted by Caterina Cregor Blitzer on

Our children’s opportunities to learn about the world begin at home and in our school communities. All children benefit from learning a language starting early, and making global connections. I communicate in English, Italian, French, German and Spanish today because my American father and Italian mother encouraged me to continue studying and loving Italian as I learned English in school.

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Arts in Education and Student Engagement

Posted by JoEllen Florio Rossebo on

Concerned citizens constantly offer up various solutions of how to lower the high school dropout rate. If the goal is student success, though, we must pinpoint how to make learning meaningful and motivating. Find out how Arts for Learning adds meaning to learning in our community.

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The Vision of Indy Pulse: Youth Leaders and Citizens

Posted by Lauren Hall on

Like every person in our city, Indy Pulse poets are, well, just trying to figure it out. What “it” is depends on the day, sometimes the hour. High school is tough. We all remember the pressures: the tests and looming-yet-undetermined future, plus the absurd paradox of wanting to stand out, yet hoping-to-goodness we “fit in.”

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Strong Support Systems

Posted by Justin Kidder on

Support systems can help with everyday student guidance as well as crises situations. No matter the situation, support systems can be a key factor in preventing high school dropouts.

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Bullies are Back to School: Kindness classes aim to prevent bullying in Indiana schools

Posted by Tonja Eagan on

In 2013-14, more than 9,000 bullying incidents were reported by schools in Indiana to the Department of Education. The Centers for Disease Control lists Indiana as the third worst state for bullying. Professional educators from Social Health Association of Indiana work in schools to prevent bullying. And it begins with kindness.

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What's the big deal about preschool?

Posted by Susan Bryant on

What is the value of early education, and why is it important? Here, administrator and mother Susan Bryant describes the impact of preschool on her own children.

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Breakfast in the Classroom: Crucial to Academic Success

Posted by Katie Rogers on

No child should start the school day hungry. The simple act of feeding kids a healthy school breakfast can have a dramatic impact on their academic, health and economic futures.

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"If I can be of any service, I will go"

Posted by Charlie Hyde on

In the larger scheme of public education and youth leadership training, history doesn’t always get its due. But, history—good history—is about sharing stories. Stories of success, stories of failure, stories of grievous losses and glorious gains. What better way to learn about leadership than to explore intensely personal stories of real people making real choices about real challenges?

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How does education support a path toward achieving DREAMS?

Last Updated by Shanel Poole on

As Shanel reflects over her life’s journey, she wonders, without education would she be achieving her dreams? Shanel Poole overcame truancy, expulsion, and a dysfunctional family to earn a GED and graduate from ISU. While in college, Shanel pooled her limited resources to create and establish G.L.A.M, an award-winning organization to support young girls. This is her story.

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Education and the American Dream

Last Updated by Candace Milhon Baer on

Nearly fifty years ago when I was an adolescent, I heard my grandmother speaking with my older female relatives about the importance of public education. Her voice was strong in speaking to her reasons—this was how the poor would find their way “out of poverty”, this was how youth could make their “dreams come true”, this was how a person could afford the “necessities of life”.

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The Importance of Arts Education

Last Updated by Ernest Disney-Britton on

Society understands the positive effects of arts on students. Why, then, do we allow privilege to dictate to whom art education is available? Ernest Disney-Britton discusses this complicated issue anecdotally, offering a couple solutions for the local community.

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