What are ways in our community to support our children with special needs?

Posted by Gayle Holtman on

We often misunderstand disabilities and what students with special needs actually need. ArtMix (formerly VSA Indiana) elucidates these muddied understandings and meets the needs of students. CEO of ArtMix Gayle Morton Holtman writes about a personal experience in which she did just that.

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"If I can be of any service, I will go"

Posted by Charlie Hyde on

In the larger scheme of public education and youth leadership training, history doesn’t always get its due. But, history—good history—is about sharing stories. Stories of success, stories of failure, stories of grievous losses and glorious gains. What better way to learn about leadership than to explore intensely personal stories of real people making real choices about real challenges?

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The Importance of Arts Education

Last Updated by Ernest Disney-Britton on

Society understands the positive effects of arts on students. Why, then, do we allow privilege to dictate to whom art education is available? Ernest Disney-Britton discusses this complicated issue anecdotally, offering a couple solutions for the local community.

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Art is Loving the Task

Last Updated by Deborah Asante on

What would happen if we redefined the meaning of art in our schools? Here, Deborah Asante does just that. She understands art as the love for any discipline and advocates for creative thinking in all these various ‘art’ forms. The implications for such a framework could change the way we understand the purpose of school, something Asante explores.

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