The Vision of Indy Pulse: Youth Leaders and Citizens

Posted by Lauren Hall on

Like every person in our city, Indy Pulse poets are, well, just trying to figure it out. What “it” is depends on the day, sometimes the hour. High school is tough. We all remember the pressures: the tests and looming-yet-undetermined future, plus the absurd paradox of wanting to stand out, yet hoping-to-goodness we “fit in.”

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Bullies are Back to School: Kindness classes aim to prevent bullying in Indiana schools

Posted by Tonja Eagan on

In 2013-14, more than 9,000 bullying incidents were reported by schools in Indiana to the Department of Education. The Centers for Disease Control lists Indiana as the third worst state for bullying. Professional educators from Social Health Association of Indiana work in schools to prevent bullying. And it begins with kindness.

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What are ways our community can support our youth through mentoring?

Last Updated by Darcey Palmer-Shultz on

Darcey Palmer-Shultz, CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Indiana, often meets people who simply aren’t sure if they know how to mentor or have what it takes to mentor. They have questions, like: What if I don’t know what to do when we’re together? What if he doesn’t like me? What if I can’t make time? Does mentoring really work? Darcey answers these questions and more.

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College Mentors for Kids

Posted by Kyndall Norris on

University of Indianapolis student Kyndall Norris was looking for something more out of her college experience. Kyndall found the answer to her calling in College Mentors for Kids. Learn more about Kyndall's experience as a mentor, and why she believes mentoring relationships are so important.

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The Importance of Community Partnerships and How They Support our Youth

Posted by Elizabeth Odle on

If believing that education is the main link in assuring students a brighter future in their preparation to become successful and productive American Graduates, then community partnerships are the necessary ingredient. Community partners act in concert to bring together a wide range of assets and perspectives to support our students.

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Foster Youth

Last Updated by Jennifer Jones on

Growing up in foster care is not the ideal way the average high school student would see for themselves. Sometimes you are dealt a bad hand but you have to learn to strive to overcome obstacles and barriers that others may not face. Jennifer Jones shares her story about transitioning out of the child welfare system.

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How Can We Impact the Homelessness Issue in Our Community?

Last Updated by Laura Alvarado on

Homelessness is not caused by one issue but rather the complexities surrounding multiple issues. It takes a total civic response that includes the private and public sectors to impact the issue of homelessness. Learn more about how School on Wheels is supporting Indianapolis youth who are experiencing homelessness.

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