How does education support a path toward achieving DREAMS?

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As Shanel reflects over her life’s journey, she wonders, without education would she be achieving her dreams? Shanel Poole overcame truancy, expulsion, and a dysfunctional family to earn a GED and graduate from ISU. While in college, Shanel pooled her limited resources to create and establish G.L.A.M, an award-winning organization to support young girls. This is her story.

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American Graduate Champion: Joanne Martin

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Joanne Martin is being recognized as an American Graduate Champion for her work in promoting high quality childhood education.

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Igniting Passions

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Liviu Paul Haiducu is a passionate educator who found an excitement for physics at a young age during a visit to his father's classroom. Today, Liviu shares this love of physics in his Avon High School classroom, using stories from his world travels to help his students ignite their passions in order to understand and improve the world. 

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Lesvi De La Cruz: A Message to My Fellow Graduates

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For Lesvi, getting her high school diploma and going to college was a long shot. Her junior year she decided to drop out of school and joined the work force. After various dead end jobs, she realized the only way to get ahead was by getting my education so I enrolled in Christel House DORS. Read more in Lesvi's 2015 Christel House DORS Graduation Speech.

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