College Mentors for Kids

Posted by Kyndall Norris on

University of Indianapolis student Kyndall Norris was looking for something more out of her college experience. Kyndall found the answer to her calling in College Mentors for Kids. Learn more about Kyndall's experience as a mentor, and why she believes mentoring relationships are so important.

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Career-Technical Education is Good for Indiana’s Economy, Workforce and Careers

Last Updated by Shawn Wright-Browner on

Much attention has been given to Indiana’s Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses and programs over the last two years. The creation of the Indiana Career Council and Indiana Works Councils provides new avenues for conversations and collaboration among education and workforce partners at the regional and state levels regarding the best ways of improving the college and career readiness.

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Lesvi De La Cruz: A Message to My Fellow Graduates

Last Updated by Lesvi Delacruz on

For Lesvi, getting her high school diploma and going to college was a long shot. Her junior year she decided to drop out of school and joined the work force. After various dead end jobs, she realized the only way to get ahead was by getting my education so I enrolled in Christel House DORS. Read more in Lesvi's 2015 Christel House DORS Graduation Speech.

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Event Summary: Conversation About Education - Building a Grad Nation

Posted by Debbie Sullivan on

John Bridgeland, well known for his Building a Grad Nation, conducted a conversation about education on May 19th.  The conversation was moderated by Eric Weddle. The conversation provided thought provoking ideas about the graduation rate in the United States.  Building a Grad Nation has a target of a 90% graduation rate by the year 2020 and has been supported by the last four Presidents of the U

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Advice for Incoming College Students

Posted by Kaylie Ricks on

Graduating high school and going to college can be an exciting and stressful time. Butler University students offer their advice to incoming college students on what they wish they would've known and the biggest lessons they have learned.

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