Connecting Students to the World Through Reading

Posted by Josie McKay on

Reading a good book aloud to my students is one of my favorite parts of teaching. Part of the reason I wanted to become a teacher was that I wanted to instill the love I have for reading into my students. How does a teacher do that? How does a teacher inspire students to love reading, especially those who struggle? How can a paper-bound book compete with interactive screens?

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Innovation in the Classroom: Mystery Skype

Last Updated by Josie McKay on

Technology is at the forefront of our students’ interests and we, as teachers, need to embrace it rather than try to teach around it. We need to use it to our advantage, show them how it can open their eyes to endless possibilities, and begin connecting them globally with other students. How can we do this while still teaching the basics and necessary standards? The answer: Mystery Skype.

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The Vision of Indy Pulse: Youth Leaders and Citizens

Posted by Lauren Hall on

Like every person in our city, Indy Pulse poets are, well, just trying to figure it out. What “it” is depends on the day, sometimes the hour. High school is tough. We all remember the pressures: the tests and looming-yet-undetermined future, plus the absurd paradox of wanting to stand out, yet hoping-to-goodness we “fit in.”

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Creating Connections in the Classroom using "Twitter Love" and "Skype-A-Thons"

Last Updated by Steve Auslander on

Steve Auslander, fifth grade teacher at Allisonville Elementary, is using technology in the classroom in innovative ways to engage his students in learning. Auslander has been so effective in his practices that he was recognized nationally as a 2014 PBS LearningMedia Digital Innovator. Learn about what it means to receive "twitter love," and how you too can become a Digital Innovator.

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What are ways our community can support our children with special needs?

Last Updated by Dr. Pat Rogan on

Whether we are born with or acquire a disabling condition, dis/ability is a natural part of our human experience. Regardless of our physical, social/emotional, intellectual, or sensory characteristics, we are all more alike as human beings than different.

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The Importance of Community Partnerships and How They Support our Youth

Posted by Elizabeth Odle on

If believing that education is the main link in assuring students a brighter future in their preparation to become successful and productive American Graduates, then community partnerships are the necessary ingredient. Community partners act in concert to bring together a wide range of assets and perspectives to support our students.

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Ensuring that Hoosier Schools Prepare English Learners for Success

Posted by Rachel Davidson, Nathan Wiliamson on

In order to provide rich academic language development to English learners, the Indiana Department of Education adopted the WIDA English Language Development standards in October 2013. These standards provide a framework for instructional and assessment planning for English learners so that they may attain English proficiency, develop high levels of academic attainment in English, and more.

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Igniting Passions

Last Updated by Liviu Paul Haiducu on

Liviu Paul Haiducu is a passionate educator who found an excitement for physics at a young age during a visit to his father's classroom. Today, Liviu shares this love of physics in his Avon High School classroom, using stories from his world travels to help his students ignite their passions in order to understand and improve the world. 

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Lesvi De La Cruz: A Message to My Fellow Graduates

Last Updated by Lesvi Delacruz on

For Lesvi, getting her high school diploma and going to college was a long shot. Her junior year she decided to drop out of school and joined the work force. After various dead end jobs, she realized the only way to get ahead was by getting my education so I enrolled in Christel House DORS. Read more in Lesvi's 2015 Christel House DORS Graduation Speech.

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Making More of the Future than a Hard Life Inherited

Posted by Michael Durnil on

J. Michael Durnil, Ph.D., is the Simon Youth Foundation President and CEO. Simon Youth Foundation has existed to help youth who are at risk of dropping out of high school stay on the path to graduation. They do so with their Simon Youth Academies and Simon Youth Scholarships. Click "Read more" to see how Simon Youth Foundation has impacted lives.

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Expeditionary Learning: What is it and Why Does it Work?

Posted by Sarah Weimer on

What is expeditionary learning, and why does it work? Sarah Weimer, head of the Christel House network of schools in Indianapolis, describes her experience with expeditionary learning and why she believes this type of learning environment is effective in preparing students for future success.

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