Preparing Youth for Employment

Posted by MCCOY on

For some teenagers, obtaining employment is not a priority. For others, a job is a necessity. Either way, it is important for youth to acquire skills that will help them in the workplace. Many teens lack job experience or simply don’t know how to prepare for employment. Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett, Employ Indy, the Greater Indianapolis Progress Committee and others have identified a solution.

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What are ways in our community to support our children with special needs?

Posted by Gayle Holtman on

We often misunderstand disabilities and what students with special needs actually need. ArtMix (formerly VSA Indiana) elucidates these muddied understandings and meets the needs of students. CEO of ArtMix Gayle Morton Holtman writes about a personal experience in which she did just that.

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Arts in Education and Student Engagement

Posted by JoEllen Florio Rossebo on

Concerned citizens constantly offer up various solutions of how to lower the high school dropout rate. If the goal is student success, though, we must pinpoint how to make learning meaningful and motivating. Find out how Arts for Learning adds meaning to learning in our community.

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The Vision of Indy Pulse: Youth Leaders and Citizens

Posted by Lauren Hall on

Like every person in our city, Indy Pulse poets are, well, just trying to figure it out. What “it” is depends on the day, sometimes the hour. High school is tough. We all remember the pressures: the tests and looming-yet-undetermined future, plus the absurd paradox of wanting to stand out, yet hoping-to-goodness we “fit in.”

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Strong Support Systems

Posted by Justin Kidder on

Support systems can help with everyday student guidance as well as crises situations. No matter the situation, support systems can be a key factor in preventing high school dropouts.

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Bullies are Back to School: Kindness classes aim to prevent bullying in Indiana schools

Posted by Tonja Eagan on

In 2013-14, more than 9,000 bullying incidents were reported by schools in Indiana to the Department of Education. The Centers for Disease Control lists Indiana as the third worst state for bullying. Professional educators from Social Health Association of Indiana work in schools to prevent bullying. And it begins with kindness.

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What's the big deal about preschool?

Posted by Susan Bryant on

What is the value of early education, and why is it important? Here, administrator and mother Susan Bryant describes the impact of preschool on her own children.

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How does education support a path toward achieving DREAMS?

Last Updated by Shanel Poole on

As Shanel reflects over her life’s journey, she wonders, without education would she be achieving her dreams? Shanel Poole overcame truancy, expulsion, and a dysfunctional family to earn a GED and graduate from ISU. While in college, Shanel pooled her limited resources to create and establish G.L.A.M, an award-winning organization to support young girls. This is her story.

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Education and the American Dream

Last Updated by Candace Milhon Baer on

Nearly fifty years ago when I was an adolescent, I heard my grandmother speaking with my older female relatives about the importance of public education. Her voice was strong in speaking to her reasons—this was how the poor would find their way “out of poverty”, this was how youth could make their “dreams come true”, this was how a person could afford the “necessities of life”.

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Hope, Grit, and Resilience – Fathers and Families Center’s Keys to Educational Success

Last Updated by Rudy L Duran on

What motivates some students to keep going, despite their hardships and complete their education? What makes others fail? Here, former high school principal Dr. Rudy Duran explores how to create an environment that cultivates students of hope, grit, and resilience.

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Creating Connections in the Classroom using "Twitter Love" and "Skype-A-Thons"

Last Updated by Steve Auslander on

Steve Auslander, fifth grade teacher at Allisonville Elementary, is using technology in the classroom in innovative ways to engage his students in learning. Auslander has been so effective in his practices that he was recognized nationally as a 2014 PBS LearningMedia Digital Innovator. Learn about what it means to receive "twitter love," and how you too can become a Digital Innovator.

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How would Indianapolis look with a 90% graduation rate?

Last Updated by Carly Weidman on

On Tuesday, December 15, 2015, the Alliance for Excellent Education released data pertaining to how high school graduation could impact the economy, including localized information for more that 200 local markets. Learn more about how high school graduation can impact Central Indiana.

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What are ways our community can support our children with special needs?

Last Updated by Dr. Pat Rogan on

Whether we are born with or acquire a disabling condition, dis/ability is a natural part of our human experience. Regardless of our physical, social/emotional, intellectual, or sensory characteristics, we are all more alike as human beings than different.

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The Importance of Community Partnerships and How They Support our Youth

Posted by Elizabeth Odle on

If believing that education is the main link in assuring students a brighter future in their preparation to become successful and productive American Graduates, then community partnerships are the necessary ingredient. Community partners act in concert to bring together a wide range of assets and perspectives to support our students.

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Foster Youth

Last Updated by Jennifer Jones on

Growing up in foster care is not the ideal way the average high school student would see for themselves. Sometimes you are dealt a bad hand but you have to learn to strive to overcome obstacles and barriers that others may not face. Jennifer Jones shares her story about transitioning out of the child welfare system.

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