American Graduate Champions

American Graduate Champion: Shanel Poole

Shanel Poole defied the odds of a rocky childhood and founded GLAM while still a student at Indiana State to help keep young women on the path to success.

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American Graduate Champion: Steve Auslander

Mr. Steve Auslander, 5th Grade Teacher at Allisonville Elementary School, harnesses the power of technology to fuel his students' imaginations.

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American Graduate Champion: Michael Wilson

Michael credits his family for supporting him and encouraging him to follow his dreams. His journey through high school, Ivy Tech, and now IUPUI would not have been possible without them.

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American Graduate Champion: Kids Dance Outreach

Michael Johnson of Kids Dance Outreach, empowers young elementary school children through the power of dance. These children thrive through the discipline, confidence, persistence, and determination.

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Recognize an American Graduate Champion!

Know an educator, student, parent, or volunteer who advocates for children's education? Recognize them as a champion.

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According to the most recent Building a Grad Nation Report (May 2015) while school reforms, accountability systems, and other policies and programs have played an important role in preventing students from dropping out, one of the most significant contributions was the role of "parents, principals, and social service providers who stood with these students and gave them the helping hands, encouragement, solutions and skills they needed to stay in school and graduate. These adults are champions empowering students to stay on the path to graduation--we think of them as "American Graduate Champions." 

What is an American Graduate Champion?

An "American Graduate Champion" is an individual or organization that goes above and beyond to help a student, a classroom or community succeed--setting high expectations, building and finding effective supports, and helping a student or school make the successful journey from preschool to high school graduation.

Who can be an American Graduate Champion?

Anyone can be an American Graduate Champion! Below are just a few examples:

  • Parents who are actively engaged in the lives of young people
  • Teachers who go the extra mile to ensure their students succeed
  • Students who take time to tutor and mentor their peers and students who make a commitment to complete their education
  • School leaders who are focused on creating positive learning environments
  • State leaders who voice for what's good for students
  • Business leaders who encourage their colleagues to get involved
  • Funders who actively invest in what works for students
  • Non-profit staff volunteers who work to support youth everyday

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