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American Graduate Day USA

Saturday, September 28, 11 am - midnight

On Saturday, September 28, WFYI will deliver a 13-hour education marathon designed to raise awareness about the national high school dropout crisis. The day kicks off with a one-hour program called Graduating Indiana 2013, and then launches into a seven-hour national broadcast and outreach event dedicated to engaging our country around the dropout crisis. This education marathon features a dynamic mix of long-form programming, live breaks, and pre-taped segments, the program will tell the story of Community Partners and how they provide support, advice, and intervention services to at-risk students, families and schools. Over the course of the day, WFYI will highlight 30 local community partners who work to help keep at-risk students in school, and improve graduation rates.

“American Graduate: Let’s Make it Happen” is a national public media initiative funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and America’s Promise Alliance to help local communities find solutions to the dropout crisis. WFYI is proud to be one of the national public media partners leveraging the power and reach of public television to help communities across America address the high school dropout crisis.

School Lockers and Childrens art above themGraduating Indiana 2013

Saturday, September 28 at 11 am on WFYI 1

Hear from local education, funding, civic, and business leaders as they discuss policies, promising practices and the work we need to do to help Indiana student achieve better outcomes – and make our state more competitive. Hosted by WFYI CEO Lloyd Wright, guests include representatives from Goodwill Education Initiatives, Day Nursery Association, Family Development Services, The Indianapolis Public Library, United Way of Central Indiana, The Mayor’s Office, IUPUI School of Education, EdPower, IVY Tech, USA Funds, MSD Warren Township, and MSD Washington Township.

August to June: Bringing Life to School

Saturday, September 28 at 7 pm on WFYI 1

This documentary, filmed in rural Northern California, celebrates values we are on the brink of losing in the single-minded pursuit of higher test scores. Come inside a public school happily and purposefully going against current trends and join 26 8-10 year olds, their teacher, and their parents for a year bursting with opportunities for curiosity, creativity and compassion.

Who Cares About Kelsey?Who Cares About Kelsey?

Saturday, September 28 at 8 pm on WFYI 1

Kelsey Carroll has one goal – to graduate from high school – and plenty of reasons why she shouldn’t. She attends a school with one of the highest dropout rates in New Hampshire and has dealt with homelessness, sexual abuse and ADHD. As a freshman, she didn’t earn a single academic credit, but she did get suspended for dealing drugs.

Who Cares About Kelsey? is the story of Kelsey’s transformation from a defiant and disruptive “problem student” to a motivated and self-confident young woman. Along the way, critical figures in her personal and educational life shape her coming of age and play important roles in an education revolution that’s about empowering – not overpowering – youth with emotional and behavioral challenges.

Room to Breathe

Saturday, September 28 at 9 pm on WFYI 1

Room To Breathe is a surprising story of transformation as struggling kids in a San Francisco public middle school are introduced to the practice of mindfulness meditation. Topping the district in disciplinary suspensions, and with overcrowded classrooms creating a nearly impossible learning environment, overwhelmed administrators are left with stark choices: repeating the cycle of trying to force tuned-out children to listen, or to experiment with timeless inner practices that may provide them with the social, emotional, and attentional skills that they need to succeed.

Classroom table with studentsIs School Enough?

Saturday, September 28 at 10 pm on WFYI 1

This program is a transmedia project that illuminates how young people are leveraging digital media to learn, explore interests, connect with others and change the world around them. Designed for parents and educators, the program and destination website acknowledge the persistent generation gap in how many adults view online participation, and demonstrates the full range of opportunities that digital practices can afford today’s learners.

Is School Enough? shows how caring adults can transform and energize schools, communities and homes by encouraging – and enabling – digital literacy.

Outside the Box

Saturday, September 28 at 11 pm on WFYI 1

How much do you really know about charter schools and how they operate? Join us for Outside the Box, a documentary that will help you better understand how charter schools operate and learn why some say charters are helping raise the bar on what is possible in education. We'll talk to a national expert who is helping make sense of the data. We'll discover how charters are monitored and learn who decides if they're not making the grade and if and when to close those that fail. We'll learn some of the challenges of starting a charter school from scratch. We'll also visit some nationally recognized transformational schools closing the achievement gap between rich and poor.

Teacher instructing students in front of chalk boardThe Good That You Do

Saturday, September 28 at 11:30 pm on WFYI 1

The landscape of Indiana education is in flux. Standards and expectations, at both national and state levels, are evolving rapidly. That’s a lot of pressure for the local principal, who needs to create good staff morale, marshal board support, ease parent concerns, and uncover funding for this much anticipated change. The Good That You Do follows Joe Preda, of Decatur Central High School in Indianapolis; Al Mihajlovits, of Southridge Middle School in Huntingburg; and Carolyn Sleet, of Harris Elementary School in Fort Wayne as they juggle the long hours and many responsibilities of school leadership in the job where people “can never see you sweat.


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